Freestyle Replacement Cable - 1/8"

Quick Description:
Comes in 10 ft length. Use to replace worn out jump ropes, or customize an existing rope. See video  
  • white pvc replacement freestyle jump rope cable
  • Freestyle Replacement Cable - 1/8"
  • Freestyle Replacement Cable - 1/8"

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Freestyle Speed & Beginner Double Under Training

This cable has a thicker outer white vinyl coating and thinner inner stainless steel wire core than standard speed cables, making it more flexible, but slightly slower. Resists kinking and memory from coiling. Great for freestyle jumping or beginners and intermediates who want a slower rope for learning double unders.  Typically used to replace worn cable freestyle jump ropes.

Diameter: 1/8" (3.2mm) cable with white PVC coating
Length: 10ft

Made in the USA! The quality in the PVC makes the cable flexible without kinking or tangling. Use to replace worn cable, customize an existing rope for new uses, or personalize or build your own jump rope.

Purchase with adjustable screws (size: large) and metal cable stops (size: large) to easily swap out cables and handles on existing cable speed ropes.


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Product Specs

10ft Cable with White PVC Coating
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