BuyJumpRopes.net was born out of a quest to build the perfect jump rope for speed. We have since evolved into the world’s leader in jump rope technology, innovation and expertise.

Our Start

Our company began humbly in 1999 with development of the Ultra Speed rope, the world’s first cable rope for speed jumping. Our founder, Matt Hopkins, did something revolutionary when he started his first jump rope team in 1998: he swapped out the standard licorice rope for wire cable and attached the rope to the handles at a 90-degree angles using “ultra” fast dowels. The resulting Ultra Speed jump rope was a revelation, and within the year competitors had used it to set speed and multiple under records at national and world jump rope championships.

Making our ropes by hand allows us to both guarantee the quality of every rope we send out, and to personalize rope sizes and colors specifically to the customer.

This rope was also soon adopted by the CrossFit community as one of the best on the market for speed and double under workouts, and requests for our ropes grew exponentially. We launched BuyJumpRopes.net to help meet the demand.

Jump Rope Innovation

Since our founding we have continued to innovate in our quest to build the world’s best speed ropes. Our Triple Jump, Quad Speed, and Ultra Light Speed ropes offered further improvements in jump rope speed, ergonomics and durability, and have been used to set more national and world speed records. With our newest and most innovate rope, the Elite Surge, we’re confident we’ve developed the best speed and fitness jump rope on the market.

We’ve also branched out into other areas, making it our goal to develop better products for rope jumpers of all ability levels and interests. Our Boxer’s Training rope was developed specifically for tough boxer’s workouts. The special handles on our freestyle ropes make intricate crossing moves and tricks mucher easier. We’ve also made improvements to the traditional beaded jump ropes with super-light, shatterproof beads.

Focus on Quality: Handmade & Durable

Lennea Hopkins hugging two kids
Lennea Hopkins with one of the
"amigos" and his friend.

Many of our jump ropes are handmade in Wenatchee, WA using the best, most durable parts and materials we can find. Whenever possible, we try to incorporate American-made materials (like cable and beads), which we find to be of a higher quality. Making our ropes by hand allows us to both guarantee the quality of every rope we send out, and to personalize rope sizes and colors specifically to the customer.  

We are also particularly proud of our relationship with the “Five Amigos,” a brotherhood of five adult men with developmental disabilities who live here in Leavenworth at The Dwelling Place. We employ the Amigos to make our beaded jump ropes -- a relationship that has been a blessing to both them and us.


We’re different from many online jump rope retailers in that we're selling products that we invented and that we use. Our ropes weren't developed simply to make a profit, but to make the jump rope experience better. You’ll often find us at jump rope competitions, and we’re constantly on the lookout for way to improve our products.

That’s why we’re happy to hear from you about how to size your jump rope, how to pick the right jump rope for your circumstance, or even how to start a jump rope team. Feel free to give us a call, send us an email or reach out on social media. Or, take a look through our collection of jump rope resources.