About Us

We equip, educate and support people to be
more confident and capable with jump ropes.

If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably wondering who we are, what makes our jump ropes better or different than any others out there, and why you should trust anything we have say about jump rope?

Fair questions! We’ll try to answer these questions while we explain a little of our background and why we’ve built a business all about jump rope.

Why Jump Ropes?

First of all, we are in business to have a lasting, positive impact on society. Otherwise, business would just be … less meaningful, and a lot less fun. Jump ropes are a primary way we empower people to be more confident, joyful and healthy. In case you didn’t know, jumping rope is an incredible way to burn calories and give your brain a boost (see jump rope benefits). 

In our 20+ years in this business we’ve found gaining a mastery in jump rope helps people feel more confident, gives a boost to their self worth, and makes a big difference in their health and wellness. Also, the jump rope community is an incredibly friendly and supportive place.

That’s why we work to equip, educate and support people to be more confident and capable with jump ropes.

Who We Are

We’re a team of 11 to 14 (depending on the season) who are united by our love of people. We really do love people. Feel free to give us a call and find out for yourself! Here’s a picture of us with a few of our friends and family at a 2019 team BBQ. Our founder, Matt Hopkins, is up top with his wife Lennea (our chief encourager and prayer partner around the office).


Matt is a former competitive jumper and jump rope coach. For years he traveled the world competing, coaching and educating (and he still does). Matt started the business in 1999 as a way to equip his  teams with better ropes -- ropes that gave them an edge in competitions and resulted in a number of individual and team world championship trophies. Along the way he found a whole market of people on the hunt for better jump ropes and jump rope education.

We work out of our warehouse and offices in Wenatchee, WA. Most of the ropes you'll find on this site are assembled in Wenatchee when you order (especially our custom rope options).

We also work in close partnership with the Amigos, a group of five adult men with developmental disabilities who we employ to make our beaded jump ropes -- a relationship that has been a blessing to both them and us. Chances are if you buy a beaded rope from our site you’ll be supporting these men with meaningful work. As you can see from the video below, they love making jump ropes.

Our Background & Expertise

We started making jump ropes in 1999 in Matt’s garage back when you only had a couple choices for jump ropes: the leather one or the beaded one. Since then we’ve worked pretty much nonstop to build better jump ropes. Every jump rope and accessory you see on this site is something we took pride in developing, and most are on into their 3rd or 4th generation. We constantly tweak and upgrade our products to make them more durable, user friendly and effective.

Most of our product development cues come from the competitive jump rope community. You will find us manning a booth at the world jump rope championships and USA jump rope championships, and many other smaller tournaments throughout the year. We believe that if our products are good enough for the best jumpers in the world, they’ll be good enough for every-day jumpers. And, in fact, most of the top jumpers and teams in the world use our products (also sold under our competitor-centric Elite SRS Ropes brand) in competition.


We also work closely with PE teachers who need safe, durable and affordable jump ropes for their classes. More recently we’ve begun to serve the CrossFit community, which has picked up on our jump ropes as great tools for double under workouts. You will find us at CrossFit events around the country (particularly in the Pacific Northwest) getting feedback from athletes and helping them develop their skill.

More About Us

  • If you'd like to see what our customers have to say, check out our Google reviews
  • We are an official partner of the American Jump Rope Federation
  • We don’t have exact numbers, but we’ve probably sold more jump ropes than anyone around the world not named Walmart or Amazon (we’re into the millions of ropes at this point). We sell jump ropes to most countries around the world, and we have partners and distributors throughout Europe and Canada. This means we have had LOTS of opportunity for feedback from our customers, and we have a great customer service team that’s happy to help with any of your jump rope questions.
  • We pack and ship orders around the world Monday through Friday, every week of the year.

Have any questions we didn’t answer? Check out our education section or get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

~The team at