Bullet COMP - scratched

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Blemished Handles / Perfect Function - This clearance item is available for limited time while supplies last. Not eligible for returns. See video  
  • Bullet COMP - scratched
  • Bullet COMP - scratched
  • Bullet COMP - scratched
  • Bullet COMP - scratched
  • Bullet COMP - scratched
  • Bullet COMP - scratched
Now: $15.00
Was: $44.99


NOTE: These COMP ropes are on clearance because of scratches on the handles. The design coating was scratched in transit to our warehouse. The handles function perfectly ... we just didn't feel good about selling these at full retail price with the scratches. See attached pictures for examples. 

This rope has scratched Blue Flame print handles with blue 3/32" nylon coated speed cable.


The Bullet Comp Rope* is a premium speed rope featuring a smooth, lightning quick spin and an innovative head design that makes resizing or cord replacement extremely quick. *patent pending

  • Cable: come standard with a blue 3/32" nylon coated cable. Order bare wirecolor cable, or ultra thin cable separately.
  • Carrying Bag: Comes with a drawstring storage bag.
  • No screwdriver or allen wrench required. Replace or resize cables by loosening the chuck at the head of the rope with your fingers.
  • Lightning quick spin: Dual steel ball bearings in the handle make this one of the smoothest, fastest ropes on the market.

Handles: 5.5" (14cm) long / anodized aluminum / slip-protect knurl grip

Cables: Handles accept speed cables up to 3/32" in diameter.

Weight:  1.6oz (each handle)

Durability: High-grade steel ball bearings won't rust or wear out 

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Product Specs

Sizing System:
self adjusting
Handle Material:
anodized aluminum
Cord Material:
speed cable
Cord Material:
bare wire
Cord Material:
ultra thin
Handle Length:
storage bag
Cord Length:
10 feet
Grip Type:
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