Custom Beaded Rope

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Custom items not eligible for returns. IMPORTANT: Select all 6 bead colors. For 3 color patterns repeat the pattern twice.

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High quality shatter proof plastic beads. Hand beaded to order in the USA. Customize to your preferences.


See our detailed sizing guide and sizing chart. In general:

  • 4' to 4'9": We recommend 7ft ropes only
  • 4'10" to 5'3": 8ft ropes 
  • 5'4" to 5'11": 9' ropes 
  • 6 to 6'6": 10' ropes
  • 6'7" and over: 11' ropes

Handle Guide

  • 5" Short Handles: Unbreakable low-density polyethylene contoured to fit your hand. Recommended for kids and schools.
  • 6.5" Flex Handle:  Indestructible, flexible handle made for a special polypropylene that will "squish" and won't break or bruise your hands during freestyle routines. Lighter and softer than traditional hard plastic handles. 0.7oz weight / 0.8" diameter at end.
  • 8" Long handles: Good for adults and freestyle. Unbreakable low-density polyethylene 8" handle (low profile grip tape optional) / 1oz weight (each handle) / .9" diameter at end

Bead Guide

1" beads are recommended for freestyle jumping. 2" beads are recommended for regular recreational jumping. 2" heavy beads are recommended for fitness jumping.

  • 1" & 2" Beads: 6.5mm Inner Diameter (ID), 8mm Outer Diameter (OD)
  • Heavy Beads: 7mm ID, 10mm OD
*NOTE: Colors are approximate and are only intended to provide a relative comparison. The dye lots used for our beads do not allow us to guarantee a specific pantone or shade.
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Product Specs

Handle Material:
unbreakable plastic
Sizing System:
washer & knot
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