Double Dutch Instructional Poster

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Designed for PE teachers by a PE teacher & jump rope coach.
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Instructional Double Dutch Poster

Designed by a PE teacher (and former competitive jump rope coach) for PE teachers. This poster is printed on thick glossy paper and can be easily mounted on a wall. Poster illustrates and gives helpful hints in the following areas:

  • How To Turn: How to position the body, where to hold the hands, direction of the turning ropes, timing and communication between turners
  • How to Enter:  Timing of when to enter and communication with turners
  • How to Exit:  Timing when to leave and more communication with turners
  • Fun Practice Game:  "Cat and Mouse" - Have Fun while practicing double dutch basic skills
  • Practice Tips:  6 Tipes that will make double dutch easier and more fun!  

Size: 18" x 24"

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