Double Under Clinics

Improve Double Under Consistency, Confidence & Skill

Double under clinics are a great value add for the membership at your gym, helping everyone from your top athletes to the most casual members improve their double under consistency, confidence and skill. Is your gym located in the USA? Our expert instructors (former competitive jumpers with EliteSRS Ropes and Learnin' the Ropes) can host a double under clinic at your location. Simply inquire here.


Big thanks to Nick and Kaylee from Learnin' the Ropes who put some of our athletes through a great jump rope clinic. We had several athletes get their very first double under and then string a few together all in just a 1 hour long session.
~Emily Griffith / CrossFit Brigade Chattanoonga



Double Under Clinics for Everyone


We offer double under clinics for everyone from beginner to competitive CrossFit athletes. Clinics will focus on increasing consecutive double unders, providing effective techniques to reduce mistakes, teaching fundamentals of jump rope, and preventing overuse injuries.

  • Learn form and technique to reduce mistakes and increase your number of consecutive double unders.
  • Increase your efficiency so that you finish your double under sets with energy to spare.
  • Understand the fundamentals of jump rope with different footwork and armwork drills that will give you overall confidence with the rope.
  • Learn injury prevention strategies for common injuries associated with repetitive double unders. 
  • Have a blast, learn from the best, and see some things you never thought were possible with a jump rope!!

Learn from the Best

Clinics are taught by Nick Woodard, a 13-time world jump rope champion, Kaylee Couvillion, a world jump rope champion and Cirque du Soleil performer, and other former competitive jumpers with Learnin' the Ropes. Not only are they absolutely the best jumpers in the world, but they have taught jump rope skills since their early youth and now teach jump rope professionally.

These instructors are excellent teachers with great love and compassion for others. No need to feel intimidated by these guys. They will make you feel at home and comfortable. They can teach you where you are at …. at any skill level.
~Matt Hopkins, jump rope coach


Class Length: 30-90 minute length (multiple classes can be scheduled back-to-back)
Class Size: 8-25. All ages welcome.
Cost: Depends on a number of factors. Starting at $35/person (minimum 8 participants) + travel. If we have an instructor nearby travel costs are less. Or, if a number of gyms hosts clinics in the same region around the same time, travel costs are shared. Send us an inquiry and we can give you a quote.