ELITE Surge 2.0 - Cable Speed Rope

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Our most popular double under speed rope for CrossFit. Patented dual ball bearing speed rope that accepts multiple cable types. Includes free carrying bag. See video  
  • ELITE Surge 2.0 - Cable Speed Rope
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  • ELITE Surge 2.0 - Cable Speed Rope
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Achieve Double Under Mastery

The tech in the patented* Elite Surge handles improves your spin control and efficiency, helping you realize instant gains in your double under speed and consistency.

  • Dual-ball bearing ultra-light weight 1oz aluminium handles spin 6-7 jumps a second.
  • Accepts 6 cable types for speed, training, competition and more.
  • Designed by a national champion speed jumper to improve your double under scores.
  • Quickly adjust length & replace worn cable via screw/collar system.
  • Handles Dimensions: 5" long / 1oz (each) / 0.6" diameter
  • Thin handles with foam grip allows for fine motor precision and control while turning the rope (and sweating).
  • 2 year warranty on machine-cut aluminum handles.
  • Comes with free storage bag.

Usage: If jumping outdoors, use a jump rope mat or a 3.2mm outdoor rated cable, which will last longer on abrasive surfaces.

Pro Tip: Go with the Double Under Training Kit for savings on replacement cables or to experiment with different cable types.

*Patent No. US 9,427,613

The Advantage

The advantage of the Elite Surge is the dual ball bearings, which distribute the axial load applied at the handles much more efficiently. With just one bearing, there is the addition of detrimental axial torque on the bearing, which causes it to wear out faster and adds friction so the rope spins less freely. The two bearings surround the cable (one on top and the other below). This gives the rope an incredibly balanced feel as you spin the cable. Overall, the design makes the handle feel very rigid and 'solid' in your hand as opposed to the feeling of stress and torque you may feel in another design.

The machine-cut, high-grade anodized aluminum handles (patent pending) are also durable (2 year warranty) and ultra light weight (1oz).

Cable Options

Easily replace worn cables or swap out cables for different uses with a Philips head screwdriver using the adjustable screw/collar (holds more securely than thumb tightened screws). Cables come in 10ft lengths.

  • 3/32" Standard Cable - The Surge 2.0 comes standard with a 3/32" nylon coated, kink-resistant cable made in the USA. Comes in black and a variety of other colors. Not recommended for use on abrasive surfaces.
  • 1/16" Non-Coated Cable - 1/16" non-coated cable is used in speed and double under competitions. Very light and cuts through the air with ease. It has no coating, however, and will wear out more quickly than other cable types.
  • 3.2mm Outdoor Heavy Cable - 3.2mm nylon coated cable for use outdoors on abrasive surfaces. Our toughest cable. Heavily coated in nylon to take a beating on concrete surfaces. It will eventually wear out, but will last longer than any other speed cable on the market. Comes in black only. 
  • 4mm PVC Cord - This is an excellent option for beginners at double unders, as the PVC won't leave the welts and "tiger stripes" when you miss. It's also heavier, which is helpful for feeling and establishing a rhythm.
  • 1.1mm Ultra Thin Cable -  The thinnest, lightest cable available for a speed rope. 1.2mm diameter. Recommended for competitive speed jumpers only - inexperienced jumpers will struggle with this cable. Recommended for indoor use only.

Pro Tip: Purchase spare cables to easily swap out ropes for different uses or quickly replace worn cables.


Comes with a 10 foot cable. One size fits most (will fit anybody up to 6' 6" tall). Resize for your purposes according to our sizing guide. Cut off the extra cord after adjusting the cord with the adjustable screw/collar system. 

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Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee our products 100%. We stand behind our products and all products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for 30 days. Within the 30-day warranty, we will repair and/or replace parts or products that are defective in materials or workmanship.

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Product Specs

Handle Length:
Handle Material:
anodized aluminum
Cord Material:
speed cable
Cord Material:
bare wire
Cord Material:
outdoor cable
Cord Material:
ultra thin
Cord Material:
4mm PVC
Sizing System:
screw / collar
Cord Length:
10 feet
storage bag
Grip Type:
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