EliteSRS Motion Series: PVC Cord w/String Reinforcement

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Stretch and Kink resistant PVC cord with a string core. Cords come in 10 foot length. Includes two sets of "snap locks" cord ends for easy jump rope resizing (actual cord end style may vary). See video  
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  • EliteSRS Motion Series: PVC Cord w/String Reinforcement
  • dark blue pvc jump rope cord
  • desert sand pvc jump rope cord
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  • silver pvc jump rope cord
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An upgraded PVC replacement jump rope cord with string in the middle. The string running through the PVC makes this stretch- and kink-resistant compared to standard solid core PVC cords. The string also increases the durability of the cord, making it less likely to snap or break in cold weather.


  • The cord will not stretch when doing multiple unders. This keeps the cord from changing lengths for a more consistent jump.
  • The string will strengthen the cord. Less chance for the cord to break.

Size: 10ft long

Note: Each PVC cord includes a set of cord ends for easy sizing. 

Replacement cords fit the following ropes:

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