Pink FIT 360° Gym Rope

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  • Pink FIT 360° Gym Rope
  • Pink FIT 360° Gym Rope
  • Pink FIT 360° Gym Rope
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An Affordable, Durable Gym & Fitness Rope that Does Everything Well

A new "hybrid" jump rope that does everything well, featuring an innovative "Thin 2 Thick" cable for added durability and cable life. An ideal rope to have in your gym bag for rope warmups and workouts.  The unique PVC coated cable on this rope is a standard 2.4mm diameter near the handles, tapering to a 4mm diameter in the middle (underneath the feet). This adds durability to the cable without sacrificing all the speed of a standard thick outdoor PVC rope.


  • Speed: The dual ball bearing head and speed cable make it fast.
  • Freestyle: The 360° swivel tip head* and long 6.75" handles give it flexibility for freestyle workouts.
  • Cable durability: The "Thin 2 Thick" cable will extend the life of your rope.  

*The 360° swivel dual ball bearing design of the handle head allows for 360-degree rotation, increasing its rotation power and gives you an extreme flexibility of movement (for integrating freestyle elements into your workout). 


  • Handle durability: The light-weight foam-coated handles aren't as durable as aluminum handles.
  • Not an outdoor rope: The "Thin 2 Thick" cable will last longer on concrete/abrasive surfaces than a standard cable, but will still wear through eventually. If you want a purely outdoor fitness rope, try the Boxer's Training Rope 2.0. For outdoor speed training try the Elite Surge with an Outdoor Heavy Cable.

Product Details

  • Sizing: Metal extension spindles with eyeball-bearing tips make for easy cable adjustments. The cable is 10ft long, and adjustable to be used by people of different heights. See our sizing guide.
  • Handle Construction: Light-weight hollow plastic handles with foam grips. Won't slip when you sweat.
  • Cable: "Thick/Thin" PVC coated cable speed rope is 2.4mm near the handles, tapering to a 4mm PVC coated cable underneath the feet.
  • Light weight: Hollow plastic/foam grips make this rope very light (4.6 oz) and a good choice for endurance workouts.


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Product Specs

Features Soft Grip Handles & "Thin 2 Thick" Cable
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