Jump Rope Curriculum for PE Teachers

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Includes 6 lesson plan guides, 12 instructional posters, pony beads & jump ropes
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  • Jump Rope Curriculum for PE Teachers
  • Jump Rope Curriculum for PE Teachers
  • Jump Rope Curriculum for PE Teachers
  • Jump Rope Curriculum for PE Teachers
  • Jump Rope Curriculum for PE Teachers
  • Jump Rope Curriculum for PE Teachers
  • Jump Rope Curriculum for PE Teachers
  • Jump Rope Curriculum for PE Teachers

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This "motivational jump rope curriculum" was designed by a PE teacher (and former competitive jump rope coach) for PE teachers.

Curriculum Includes

This curriculum will be both mailed and emailed to you with all the following items.

  • Lesson Plans: 6 days of detailed lesson plans in the form of a digital download*
  • Skill Chart Posters: Includes a set 10 individual skills chart posters (in English & Spanish), a partner skills poster, and a double dutch poster. These high-quality posters are for display in the gym or classroom to support the learning environment. The skills posters are 12" x 18", and the partner skills and double dutch posters are 18" x 24".  
  • Jump Rope Games: Outlines and instructions for 9 jump rope games that work for groups of students
  • Jump Ropes: One beaded double dutch jump rope and two 8' single beaded jump ropes.
  • Double Dutch Tutorial: Instructions for introducing double dutch jumping to your students
  • Incentive Behavior System: Outline for a "tried and true" system that motivates students to listen well, show cooperative skills, work as teams, and enjoy rope jumping!
  • More: Student challenge sheets, pony beads for incentive rewards system, and instructions & helpful hints tip sheets

Why this Program Works

  1. It teaches jump rope skills in a way that's easy for students to understand
  2. The program provides students quick and immediate positive feedback and rewards, which incentivizes them to "get involved"
  3. It is easy for teachers to replicate in their classrooms
  4. It creates a non-threatening skill learning atmosphere for students
  5. All students are participating at the same time.

We've seen this program generate success and excitement in students every time!

From the Author

This jump rope program became an instant hit for the students in my school district. It was not enough for students to work on their jump rope skills during their PE classes. The students came in droves to work on their skills during recess time and after/before school. My Principal even commented on the great excitement that was caused throughout the whole school by this program!

About the Author

matt-hopkins.jpgA former teacher who taught PE in the Leavenworth, WA school district for 23 years, Matt Hopkins is also one of the world's foremost jump rope experts. Matt has won numerous national championships in speed jumping, and his competitive jump rope teams (that he originally started through his school) have won several national titles and broken world and national speed records. Matt is also a jump rope inventor who created the original cable speed rope and many of the jump ropes you'll find on this website.

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6 Lesson Plans + Jump Ropes
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