Jump Rope Mastery ebook

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Are you new to jump rope? Or are youready to move on from the "beginner" and "intermediate" phases to jump rope mastery? This ebook is designed to help you take the next step as a rope jumper, whether it be learning new tricks, mastering the elusive double under or simply correctly sizing your jump rope.


  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT ROPE - A complete guide to finding the right jump rope for your skill and activity
  • SIZING YOUR ROPE - Perfectly size you jump rope for your skill level and activity
  • HOW TO JUMP ROPE - New to jump rope? 12 steps to learning to jump rope.
  • JUMP ROPE TRICKS - A guide to beginner and intermediate jump rope tricks and skills
  • DOUBLE UNDERS GUIDE - Everything you need to know to improve your double unders
  • IMPROVING YOUR SPEED - 3 pro-tips for improving your skipping speed
  • JUMP ROPE WORKOUT - An outlined for an effective 10 minute jump rope workout

About the Author

matt-hopkins.jpgA former competitive jump rope coach and competitor, Matt Hopkins is one of the world's foremost jump rope experts.  Matt has won numerous National Championships in speed jumping. His teams have also won several National Titles and broken World and National speed records. Matt is also a jump rope inventor who created the original cable speed rope and many of the jump ropes you'll find on this website.

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