Jump Rope Skills Posters

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10 high quality print 12" x 18" posters. Designed for school gyms and classrooms.
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Set of 10 high quality print (glossy card stock) fully illustrated skills-chart posters in English & Spanish for display in your gym, hallway or classroom. The skills posters are 12" x 18". Posters cover 10 levels and 30 jump ropes skills, from beginner to advanced.

Skill Levels:

  • Level 1: Side Swing, Basic Jump, Skier
  • Level 2: Side swing jump, side straddles, Single Handle Rope Toss
  • Level 3: Criss Cross, Scissors, 180 turn
  • Level 4: Jog Step, Straddle Cross, 360 turn
  • Level 5: Heel Toe, Double Under, Full Twist
  • Level 6: Front Back Rope Release, Side Swing with Cross, Caboose
  • Level 7: Side Swing Double Under, Leg-Over (Pretzel), 180 Turn Backward Cross
  • Level 8: Front/Back Cross, Cross Leg Over, 360 Arm Wrap
  • Level 9: Double Back Cross, Forward Knot, Push-Up
  • Level 10: Leg Over 360, Double Under with Cross, Swish
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10 Skills-Chart Posters in English & Spanish
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