Beaded Ropes vs. Licorice Ropes

Beaded Ropes vs. Licorice Ropes

16th Oct 2020 Bailey White

I worked in customer service for BuyJumpRopes for a few months, and when I was helping guests pick a rope, I always asked the same question first: “Do you prefer beaded ropes or licorice ropes?” To new jumpers, this terminology can be confusing, so if you’re one of those wondering which rope is best for you, keep reading.

First, our beaded ropes are typically made of Polypropylene beads, and our licorice ropes are made of PVC cord. We have many variations of each type of rope, but they are all generally made of those materials. The handles are the same.


Other than those technical differences, the ropes vary in a few other key ways:


Winner: Licorice rope

Licorice ropes typically run slightly cheaper. For example, we offer the Core Rope for $7.50, while the Signature Beaded Rope is available for $9.99. Why? The time to produce. Beaded ropes just take longer to make, because all beaded ropes are still done by hand.


Winner: It’s a tie

Both ropes perform well - they are great for both freestyle routines and starting to work on speed jumping. The licorice rope is certainly sleeker, but some people prefer the beaded rope because it’s easier to feel the rhythm of your jump.


Winner: Beaded rope

Both ropes will last many years if cared for correctly, but if you’re jumping on concrete, licorice ropes will experience some wear and tear. The handles will last forever, but you may have to replace the PVC every few years. Also, if you jump outdoors in cold weather (below freezing) in the winter, cold PVC can and will snap. 


Winner: Licorice rope

Again, both ropes can be adjusted, but it’s far easier to adjust the licorice rope - it can be adjusted with a small plastic snap lock and trimmed with regular scissors. On the other hand, in order to adjust a beaded rope you will need to remove beads and retie the knot.


When I’m on the phone, I ultimately end up telling the customer that it comes down to personal preference. You can’t go wrong! But if you’ve gotten to this point and are still undecided, here’s a little push - our customer service team chose the beaded rope 5-3.

16th Oct 2020 Bailey White

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