Jump Rope Records - Speed & Double Unders - USA & World

Jump Rope Records - Speed & Double Unders - USA & World

19th Sep 2019 Matt Hopkins

Jump rope is a growing sport both in the USA and around the world, with thousands of teams and athletes competing in such events as freestyle jumping, speed jumping, double under jumping and double dutch.

Official jump rope competitions are held throughout the year in both  in the USA and other parts of the world. The sport continues to see big progressions in skill, with new records seemingly set every year. Below is our regularly updated list of records in the primary jump rope events.

30 Second Double Unders

Number of double unders in a 30 second period.

  • Male: 102 double unders - Zac Tomlinson (USA) - 2017
  • Female: 94 double unders - Zoe Ellis (USA) - 2017

30 Second Speed

Number of jumps in a 30 second period.

  • Male: 250 jumps -  Xiaolin Cen (China) - 2019
  • Female: 217 jumps - Qianlan Lin (China) - 2019

Single Rope Endurance

Number of jumps in a 3 minute period.

  • Female: 1022 jumps - Shuping Zhao (China) - 2019
  • Male: 1147 jumps - Xiaolin Cen (China) - 2019

Triple Unders

Number of consecutive triple unders unbroken.

  • Male: 521 - Eric Seeger (Germany) - July 30, 2016 (video)
  • Female: 401 - Tori Boggs (USA)  - June 29, 2016

A few bonus records

Most Jumps in one hour - 12,702 - Peter Nestler (USA) - 2015

Longest time jumping rope without taking a break. American Joey Motsay, a fitness trainer, set the record by jumping rope at his Positive Stress gym in Greensboro, NC, during a marathon session that spanned 33 hours and 20 minutes. The feat took place between December 4 and 5, 2009, and raised $38,000 for Smile Train, a children's charity.

About the Author

matt-hopkins.jpgMatt Hopkins is a former competitive speed jumper and jump rope coach. Matt has won numerous national championships in speed jumping, and his athletes have won several national speed and freestyle titles and have broken world and national speed records. He also taught middle and elementary school PE in Leavenworth WA for 23 years.

19th Sep 2019 Matt Hopkins

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