The 6 Best Jump Ropes for CrossFit Double Unders (2019)

The 6 Best Jump Ropes for CrossFit Double Unders  (2019)
9th Sep 2019 Matt Hopkins

What's the best jump rope for CrossFit and double unders?

For years I've worked with CrossFit athletes and competitive jump rope teams to improve their skill with double unders. I get asked all the time to recommend a jump rope for double unders. My answer to this question used to be easier. You could find only a few true "speed ropes" ... now there are hundreds (if not thousands) of options. 

I hope you find this article helpful in picking out a high quality speed rope.

Recommended CrossFit Jump Ropes

Updated 9.9.2019

Rank Model Handle Weight Handle Type Recommendation Price
1 Bullet COMP 1oz (each) 5.5" aluminium w/ ergonomic shape & knurl grip Best Overall $54.99
2 RPM Session 4.0 1.1oz (each) 5.5" aluminium w/ knurl grip Made in USA $65.00
3 ELITE Surge 3.0 1oz (each) 5" aluminium w/ foam grip Best for Beginners $34.99
4 EVO Jump Rope 2.5oz (each) 6" aluminium w/ ergonomic shape & "traction band" grips Fastest Speed $125.00
5 Rogue SR-1L 2oz (each) 7.5" w/ sticky nylon-resin grips Best Long Handle Version $23.25
6 Ultra Light 3.0 0.6oz (each) 5.35" plastic polymer w/ dimpled grip Best on a Budget $8.99

Guidelines for Speed Ropes

Before I get into particular jump rope recommendations, here are a few guidelines you should weigh heavily when picking your double under speed rope.

  • Light weight handles: If you're using a jump rope for CrossFit, it's really just a tool to help you #1, actually complete a double under, and #2, complete double unders as quickly and efficiently as possible. As you progress in your skill you start to notice the limiting factor in completing long sets of double unders isn't your leg stamina, it's the burn you feel in your forearms and hands. That's why a light weight handle is so critical: the lighter the weight, the more reps you can complete before failure. Note: I'm not saying heavy handles are bad. They are actually great training tools if you want to increase strength and stamina. But when it's actually game time and you're competing, you'll be thankful for the lighter handles.

  • 90-degree angle: Jump ropes come in two basic styles. Ones where the cord comes straight out the end of the handle at 180 degrees, and ones where the cord is attached to the handle at 90 degrees. You want the 90-degree version for double unders. It's just faster. I could dive into the physics, or you could just consider that the world's best speed jumpers use 90-degree handles.
  • Avoid PVC coated cable: Here's what I've discovered: the very best speed ropes for double unders are stainless steel cables (preferably made in USA ... it's just better) that are either bare wire, or coated in nylon. The worst: PVC (vinyl) coated cable. The primary reasons are kinking and coiled memory. Nothing ruins a jump rope workout like a kinked cable, or a jump rope that you pull out of your bag and it won't straighten out. For whatever reason the nylon coating on the cable makes it much more kink and coil resistant than the PVC coated variety. If you want to check for yourself grab a nylon coated cable and a PVC coated cable and test the difference. You'll definitely notice. Note: The easiest way to tell between nylon and PVC coated cable is PVC is usually translucent and you can actually see the steel cable underneath.

  • Easy resizing: If you're just starting out with double unders, you're going to be constantly tweaking the length of your rope (typically shortening) as your skill improves. You also will start going through cables the more you jump, and you might experiment with different types of cables. All this means it's nice to have a jump rope that makes size adjustments quick and easy. Avoid ropes that require adjustable screws and screwdrivers if possible.

Bullet COMP

Best Overall: The Bullet COMP is simply the fastest speed rope out there. You won't have any issue getting the rope to spin twice every jump... Give the handle a flick with your fingers and it will free spin for more than a minute. Pretty impressive for a handle that only weighs 1oz. Also features a self-adjusting head which allows easy cable replacement and sizing without the need for adjustable screws. This rope was recently used at the US jump rope championships to set speed and double under records.


  • Handle weight: 1 oz (each)
  • Handles: 5.5" aluminum handles with knurl grip
  • Cable: Nylon coated USA made cable

Price: $54.99 - website

ELITE Surge 3.0

Best for Beginners: The Surge 3.0 by EliteSRS is an incredibly fast and smooth jump rope designed to help you practice and improve your double unders. The head of the rope was designed to accept cables of multiple thicknesses, allowing you to start training with thicker more beginner friendly cords and moving your way up to the fastest ultra thin cables. Cable sizing adjustments and replacement is very quick and easy. The head of the handles tighten down onto the cable, removing the need for adjustable screws. If you're a beginner I'd recommend purchasing as part of a CrossFit Training Kit, which includes multiple types of cables for learning and practicing.

  • Handle weight: 1 oz (each)
  • Handles: 5" machine cut aluminum handles with a foam grip.
  • Cable: Nylon coated USA made cable

Price: $34.99 - shop options

RPM Session 4.0

Made in USA: The RPM Session Rope 4.0 is the latest upgrade to probably the most well known and well used double under speed rope among CrossFit athletes. You know what you're getting with this rope: An ultra durable and trustworthy rope (designed and manufactured in USA) that will do double unders at a quick pace. The only knock against it is doesn't have quite the smooth spin of the EVO or Bullet COMP ropes, and the handles could use a more ergonomic shape in my opinion. That said, if you just want a bomb proof, fast and reliable rope, this is a staple. Cable length is easy to resize. 


  • Handle weight: 1.1 oz (each)
  • Handles: Metal handles are about 5.5 inches in length and very tough. The top piece of the handle rotates on an anchor disc.
  • Cable: Nylon coated USA made cable

Price: $65.00 - shop options

Ultra Light 3.0

Best on a Budget : The "ultra light" version of the most common/popular cable speed rope design out there. Handles attach to the rope at a 90-degree angle to prevent breakage and kinking with the high, repeated torque of double unders. The Ultra Light 3.0 is a budget speed rope that has plastic polymer handles and a smooth plastic dowel instead of aluminium handles with steel ball bearings like other ropes on this list. A simple, proven design (commonly seen in speed jumping and CrossFit games competitions) that is also the lightest speed rope we've found.


  • Handles: 5.35" long. Designed with an unbreakable polymer plastic dowel.
  • Handle weight: 0.6 oz (each)
  • Cable: Nylon coated USA made cable

Price: $8.99 - shop options

EVO Jump Rope

Fastest Speed Rope: If speed is all you care about, you won't find a faster rope than the EVO jump rope. This is the Rolls Royce of speed ropes with a dual ball bearing spin that can last up to 5 minutes. The handles are on the heavier side, but they are of the highest quality and utilize an innovative "traction band" grip system that allows you to customize the grip to your liking. Do you need all that speed? Probably not. But if high end quality is what you crave you can't do better than this rope.


  • Handle weight: 2.5 oz (each)
  • Handles: 6 inches long and 1 inch in diameter with "traction band" grips.
  • Cable: Vinyl coated. Not adjustable.

Price: $125.00 - shop options

Rogue SR-1L - Long Handle

Best Long Handle: Another heavy duty, indestructible speed rope with a unique swivel tip head, very fast ball bearings, and long 7.5" nylon resin handles that increase a user's wingspan. Best for users who prefer the feel and control of a long handle.


  • Handle weight: 2 oz (each)
  • Handle: 7.5" long / 0.58” diameter at base / 0.875" diameter (Handgrip) / Glass-filled Nylon Resin
  • Cable: 3/32" nylon coated speed cable

Price: $23.25 - shop options

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matt-hopkins.jpgMatt Hopkins is a former competitive speed jumper and jump rope coach. Matt has won numerous national championships in speed jumping, and his athletes have won several national speed and freestyle titles and have broken world and national speed records. He also taught middle and elementary school PE in Leavenworth WA for 23 years.

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