Speed Beats

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MP3 audio files for setting your pace while jumping rope. Now updated with better title and tag information! Download link is emailed after purchase.
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Speed beats are audio tracks useful for setting your pace while jumping rope. At the highest levels, speed beats are used by competitive speed jumpers as a training technique for improving speed skipping scores (speed beats were pioneered by world champion Chinese speed skipping teams). For "every day" jumpers, speed beats are useful for setting pace during your jump rope workouts.

We have added music to the beats to make each track different and fun.

This digital download product includes 43 individual MP3 audio tracks.

Audio Tracks Included:

  • 30 Seconds: 11 tracks set between 60 beats and 110 beats (divided into 5-beat increase increments)
  • 1 Minute:  15 tracks set between 115 and 185 beats (divided into 5-beat increase increments)
  • 3 Minutes: 17 tracks set between 330 and 522 beats (divided into 12-beat increase increments)

How to Use

Pick your track length and beat number and try to match your steps with the beats set by the audio track. As you improve, increase the beats speed and try to follow along. (Top speed jumpers can do about 100 jumps every 30 seconds.) 

NOTE: Top end speed jumpers make 6-7 jumps a second, which is near impossible to count. Therefore in speed jumping a "jump" is counted every time the right foot touches the ground over a successful jump. The score is then doubled. Thus, a score of 100 jumps for 30 seconds is really both feet touching the ground and the rope turning 200 times in the 30 seconds.

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MP3 Audio Tracks for Speed Skipping Training / Pace Setting
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