Speed Training Balls

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A ropeless jump rope system used for jump rope speed and double under training. See video  
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  • Speed Training Balls
  • Speed Training Balls
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A ropeless jump rope system used to increase coordination, speed and endurance.

It is impossible to turn these without having correct jump rope form. Practice with speed balls and watch your jump rope scores and endurance take off.

For competitive jumpers: This system was developed by a former national speed jumping champion and coach to increase competitive jumpers' endurance, arm strength and hand coordination. Most coaches know that it isn't the legs that wear out; it's the arms. Speed Training Balls are perfect for jumpers who are looking to turn the rope faster with less fatigue. In addition, many jumpers have a difficult time using both hands equally, which causes the rope to turn too close to their feet. The result is misses! Speed training with this system helps increase coordination and stength in the "weaker" hand. The result ... less misses and faster scores.

For "no jumping" workouts: Speed Training balls are also a great tool for those who are unable to jump well. The balls will turn with little or no jumping. Use for a fun workout.

Sample Workout

  1. 1 minute easy turning while jog stepping with feet
  2. 30 seconds full speed (rest 30 sec.)
  3. 60 seconds full speed (rest 30 sec.)
  4. 30 seconds full speed (rest 30 sec.)
  5. 30 seconds double unders - do high double under jumps (turn the speed ball 2 times for each jump)
  6. 30 seconds triple unders - do high double under jumps (turn the speed ball 3 times for each jump)

** You may add the jog step to any of the full speed intervals to get heart rate higher.
** Use your imagination to create many different types of workouts.

For Personal Fitness Trainers: Many of your clients are physically unable to jump a rope. With the Speed Balls, your clients can turn the rope and move their feet at their own pace. No worry of tripping over a rope and failing. Many different foot motions can be added to the workout and the Speed Balls can be turned to the sides of the body giving a great upper body workout. Perfect for interval training.

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Ropeless System for Speed & Double Under Training
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