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Jump Rope Coaching & Training Programs
The jump rope coaches listed here have spent thousands of hours practicing and teaching jump rope, and have developed programs and strategies for helping you quickly develop your skipping skill.

Learn to Jump Rope
A step-by-step guide for learning to jump rope, for beginners.

Jump Rope Skills & Tricks
A guide to many of the basic and intermediate jump rope tricks and skills.

Jump Rope Sizing
Tips on how to most accurately size your jump rope for your height, skill level and activity.

Basic Jump Rope Workout
Need help with planning your jump rope workout? This 10 minute tutorial will lead you through a basic jump rope routine.

Complete Guide to Double Unders Mastery
Everything you need to get started on improving your double unders, including what rope to use, how to size your rope, techniques for starting out, and tips for improving once you have the basics.

How to Start a Jump Rope Team
When our founder started his first jump rope team in 1998, he had to DIG to find any resources. Here are four starting points he recommends for getting your own team going.

How to Improve Your Speed Skipping Skills
The three primary techniques we preach when people ask us how to increase their skipping speed.

Get Better at Jump Rope - 3 Training Drills
An outline of drills you can do to improve your jump rope skill and efficiency.

How to Make Your Own Jump Rope
DIY step by step instructions on making your own jump rope in just a few minutes. Includes tutorial video and information on making beaded jump rope or cable rope. 

Jump Rope Games
Fun jump rope games for kids. Games for elementary aged kids, or games for preschool aged kids.

Other Resources

Jump Rope Buyer's Guide
Not sure which rope to choose? We've put together this handy guide to help you narrow down your search for just the right rope.

The Best Jump Ropes for CrossFit & Double Unders
Not all high end speed ropes are created equal, and there are definitely tons of options to choose from. We've highlighted here what we think are the six best. 

Jump Rope Benefits
Here are a few reasons why jumping rope is one of the very best exercises out there (and a lot cooler than you think).

Jump Rope for Heart
What is "Jump Rope for Heart"? How does it work? Who can put on an event? This article is intended as a complete overview of the Jump Rope for Heart program, as well as a guide for getting started putting on an event.

The Web's Best Jump Rope Videos
A curated collection of the best jump rope videos on the web - videos that inspire us!

The Great List of Jump Rope Rhymes
We've put together a big collection of new and traditional jump songs, rhymes and chants that help keep the cadence while skipping rope. Enjoy these double dutch jump rope songs with your friends and fellow jumpers!  

Choosing a Tally Counter / Clicker
Need a tally counter or clicker for your jump rope team? The market is filled with lots of options for tally counters. This guide recommends a few high-quality, affordable clickers that would work well for tracking jumps.