Ultra Light 2.0 - Clearance

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Discontinued item on sale while supplies last. Handle color matched with 3/32" nylon coated cable (same color). See video  
  • Ultra Light 2.0 - Clearance
  • Ultra Light 2.0 - Clearance
  • Ultra Light 2.0 - Clearance
  • Ultra Light 2.0 - Clearance
  • Ultra Light 2.0 - Clearance
  • Ultra Light 2.0 - Clearance
  • speed jump rope in hands
  • Ultra Light 2.0 - Clearance
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Was: $7.99


Lightest Speed Cable Rope

A lightning quick cable speed rope designed for competitive speed jumpers and CrossFit / double unders. Features "ultra light" handles that give you a edge in endurance (competitive jumpers know that it's the arms, not the legs, that fatigue first). "Ultra light" weight status is achieved by replacing the standard metal dowel seen in speed ropes with a new dowel engineered with unbreakable plastic polymer. 

Discontinued item: Recently upgraded item to Ultra Light 3.0.

Easy sizing: Cable comes in a 10 foot length. One size fits all. Will fit anybody up to 6' 6" tall. Resize for your purposes according to our sizing guide. Cut off the extra cord after adjusting the cord with the adjustable screw/collar system.

Product Notes

  • Handles are 5.5" long and weigh 0.7oz each. 
  • Handles accept a standard 3/32" nylon coated (all purpose), 1/16" bare wire (faster, but wears out more quickly) cable, or the new ultra thin coated cable.
  • USA made cable is 10' long.
  • Kink resistant cable.
  • Stock length is long enough for athletes 6' 6". (Using proper form.)

Indoor jump rope only. Do not use on abrasive surfaces. We recommend using the Jump Rope Fitness Mat if jumping outdoors. (Another outdoor option is to use the Boxers Training Jump Rope with PVC cord.)

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Product Specs

Handle Length:
Cord Material:
speed cable
Handle Material:
unbreakable plastic
Cord Length:
10 feet
Sizing System:
screw / collar
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