Ultra Speed Rope

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Clearance item not eligible for returns or refunds. Original speed rope design with metal dowel. Has since been replaced by Ultra Light 2.0.
  • Ultra Speed Rope
  • Ultra Speed Rope
  • Ultra Speed Rope
  • Ultra Speed Rope
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The Rope that Revolutionized Competitive Jumping

Built with a lightning fast metal dowel, the Ultra Speed rope enables 5-6 jumps a second. A smooth turning and very durable system.

Are you a competitor? Your speed and multiple under scores will soar with this innovative rope. 

"Ultra Speed Cable jump ropes are the only ropes I'll use at my gym. They are hands down the fastest, and most durable ropes I've found. I've tried many different jump ropes and no matter what the price, they always seemed to break. The Ultra Speed Cable ropes hold up better than anything else and they are really affordable too! I highly recommend these ropes."
-Tommy Hackenbruck 2nd Fittest Man on the Planet, CrossFit Affiliate Owner, Avid CrossFitter, and fitness enthusiast. Former Linebacker on the 2004 Utah Fiesta Bowl Team.

Product Features

  • Handle size: 5.5" long / .85oz weight (each handle) / .8" diameter at end
  • Nylon coated cable is 10' long and USA made. Entire rope assembled in the USA.
  • Our cable resists kinking unlike all other cables on the market.
  • Easy to change lengths with Philips head adjustable screw/collar.

Indoor jump rope only. Do not use on abrasive surfaces. We recommend using the Jump Rope Fitness Mat if jumping outdoors. (Another outdoor option is to use the Boxers Training Jump Rope with PVC cord.)


Our cable comes in a 10 foot length. One size fits all. Will fit anybody up to 6' 6" tall. Resize for your purposes according to our sizing guide. Cut off the extra cord after adjusting the cord with the adjustable screw/collar system.

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Product Specs

Original cable speed rope design with metal dowel
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